Wedding Invitation Wording: Where To Start

It’s important to set the right tone as your invitation will give your guests their first impression of what you have plannned on the day. Below we've written out a short guide to help you write your wedding invitations and ensure you don't miss out any vital details!

Choosing the correct wording for your wedding invitation can be very tricky.

Make sure to include any important details in your card, but also not to overcharge it with information. If you can’t fit everything on your chosen card design, you can add separate RSVP cards and information cards.
Here are some of the questions to ask yourselves when trying to decide how to word your invites and other wedding stationery:

  • Are you going for a formal address? Casual? Somewhere in between?
  • Are your parents hosting the event, or are you?
  • What important details need to be included on the invitation, and what should be sent separately?
  • Are you having an evening reception?
  • Are you including RSVP details on your invitations, or are you going to order separate response cards?

Other details that you may or may not like to include in your wedding invitation:

  • Directions
  • Gift list information
  • A favourite quote
  • A religious quote or excerpt

Once you’ve decided on all the different elements you’d like to include, it’s just question of choosing your words to perfectly reflect you and your special occasion.

For the brides and grooms that wish to include all their wedding day information on one card, we’ve created a few special wedding invitation formats that can help you do just that. Our Trifold or Fanfold (CAZ format) and Gatefold (RFE format) cards are have several different sides to them and are perfect for adding all your different details. Our current favourite trifold design is our Rustic bunting wedding invitation and our all time favourite Gatefold design is our Lavish Heart Wedding Invitation