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Unique wedding guestbooks

Browse a great collection of exclusive guest book designs. Create a photo guest book by adding in photos of your journey to the altar. Add funny messages quotes and anecdotes that represent or symbolise you as a couple and your love for each other. However you personalise your book, and with the help of your guests, it will be unique to you and an item that you will cherish forever.

Follow your colour scheme

Tie your guest book into your wedding theme. Choose a design that matches your colour scheme or customise the cover and each page in the colours and layout of your choice.
You could even match your book to your wedding invitation design. We've started adding guestbooks in our bestselling wedding invitation designs so that you can match all of your wedding day stationery and decor together. If you can't find your guest book, let us know and we'll create it for you!

Original ideas for your guest book pages

  • Get your guests chatting before the reception starts by adding a question for them to answer. Ask their opinion of the big day, what was the best part, what did they like the most?
  • Add some of your favourite quotes or to some of the pages or next to a photo.
  • Leave an ink stamp pad next to your guest book and ask each of your guests to leave a finger print heart next to where their name is printed in the book.
  • Ask your guests to send you a favourite anecdote or moment spent with you in your RSVP. Once you've received them all add them to the different pages of your guest book.
  • Get each guest to write a letter to the bride and groom. Create a template and ask everyone to 'fill in the blanks', one page each.

So many unique wedding guest book ideas! 100% customisable, our guest books are suitable for all events and occasions. If you're personalsed a book for a different type of party or event and need help - feel free to contact us.

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