Baby name trends

Baby naming trends are certainly changing and picking a name that you like just keeps getting trickier.
Traditional baby names like Rose, George, and Oliver and biblical names like Joshua, and Nathan are fighting their way back to the top of the ‘most popular baby name’ lists’. Whilst more unusual baby names such as North, Summer, Dexter & Kayden continue make an appearance in the top 100.
Did you know, that Girls are more likely to have a unique name than boys? Gender neutral names are more and more popular, especially for girls. Boys names are being more widely used for girls, but vice versa, not so much.
The royals and of course our most loved celebrities continue to influence us Brits’ choices in baby names. Harry, George, Wills and Harper have been climbing high on every baby name’s list in the UK. Although Kate, Katherine, & Catherine are suprisingly not in the top one hundred!