1. How do I add my photo(s)?

You can add photos directly in our creation tool.

  1. Go to the personalisation tool
  2. Click on the "add photos" button on the left of your screen to start downloading your photos
  3. Select the photo you want to add on your creation and drag / drop onto the empty photo box or design space of the card
2. What can I personalise on my cards?

You can personalise all our designs with your texts and photos. You can select different text fonts, sizes and colours. We advise to use only one colour/size/font per text box. It is also possible to change the background colour on some of our designs.

3. I want to add my details. How do I do that?

You can add your details directly in the personalisation tool. Click on the text examples and edit with your own wording.

4. My photo looks pixelated. Is that normal?

There is a photo quality indicator in the tool. If it's a happy green face, your photo is of good quality (even if it looks slightly pixelated in the tool). If it is a red unhappy face, then we recommend choosing another photo. If in doubt, you can order the Professional Review option; a designer will review your cards before printing to make sure everything is perfect. If they have concerns about the photo quality, they'll contact you.

5. How do I save my creation?

You can save your creation directly in the tool by clicking on save. You'll have to log in to your account or create an account to save your design. You can then find it in your account under 'Saved creations' and access it at any time! NB: can't find your creation? Check your basket!

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