Meet the Planet Cards Designers

Olivia,  Designer at Planet Cards

"▲Let me introduce myself: ▲Miss Triangle▲, Olivia, Via... I love triangles △, at the moment they’re my artistic mojo, I scatter them all over the place. I love end of the world celebrations, to be able to do them better next time. It develops the imagination, and in this job the imagniation jolly well needs to be developed. I love playing around with fonts and can spend hours searching for new ones... I like the colour blu due to my admiration of Klein, I like the number 3, and I’m curious by nature, maybe even a little too curious at times! Spain is dear to me and holds precious memories of fun times and an excellent professional experience. I love my butterfly glasses. I love music and cannot do without it. I love reproducing my creativity on a little piece of paper. I love the “conditionings” of my job, for example, only being able to see colours as a percentage of CMYK. I love that my work creates happy moments in your lives. JI love that I am passionate about my job. I love being a graphic designer!"

Sarah, Designer at Planet Cards

"With a background in Decorative Arts, Sarah Perlipopette has worked freelance for over 8 years, shuffling between graphic design and illustration. Sarah Perlipopette recently decided to join the Planet Cards team full time. For 6 months now, Sarah has been able to take out her magic wand and draw and design new creations for this new Planet, and she loves it! Head in the clouds, Sarah Perlipopette likes travelling, exploring, discovering new graphic universes. Sarah’s head is always full of new ideas, and for her, drawing is a beautiful celebration..."

Pauline, Designer at Planet Cards

"Even from very young, I always knew that drawing was my vocation. I dedicated all my spare time and then my studies to this passion. After beginning my professional career in roles orientated towards marketing, I finally have the opportunity to express myself graphically around my own values.

After having imagined all the birth announcements and wedding invitations of the people around me (including my own!), I now have the pleasure of creating the announcements for your happy occasions and beautiful life events. I like to propose unclutterd, pure, spring fresh designs, and, as soon as I can, slide a few butterfies and flowers in there!! "

Maeva, Designer at Planet Cards

"Divided between my love of science and my creative spirit, I originally chose a path in Biochemistry and Archeology before understanding that I need a lot more fun in my professional life.

This lead me to change and study Applied Arts (Design, Packaging, Art History) but also because I love trying to make things beautiful, even the small things that play a part in our day to day life.

I love animals, botany, science and travel .. all of these things inspire my creations.

I also like to experiment, get off the beaten track, in life as in graphic design – I hope you will dare to follow me!"