At Planet-cards, we have various options to let you embellish your cards, and create unique stationery with stunning finishes. The following examples of our finishes include birth announcement cards , thank you cards and wedding invitations.

Discover our gorgeous card options, finishes and trims

Round Corners

Add a touch of originality to your card design with our round corners! Available on all of our card, invitation and stationery designs. To choose this option, simply select it on our options page or in your basket. You can also see the result when personalising your design, by clicking on 'round corners' at the top of the personalisation tool. Our round corners will give your cards a modern and softer finished look.

Cloud Edges

Our cloud edges option is our latest addition to the family. Our cloud like trim will add originality and modern style to your card design. Available on our G, GR and GRR formats, you can view the overall look during the personalisation process.

Magnet Cards

Our baby magnets are the new and trendy way to send out birth announcements or thank you cards. They'll stick to any metallic surface and make perfect fridge magnets! Truly original, a magnetic card is practical and makes for a lovely keepsake. We also have a great range of save the date and wedding thank you magnets.

Gloss Finishes

We have to types of Gloss finishes: Our Embossed Gloss effect and our standard Gloss Finish.

Embossed Gloss:
A 3D gloss effect, which highlights certain patterns and motifs in your design.
Exclusive and glamourous, our collection of embossed gloss designs includes glossy wedding invitations and matching stationery sets.
Our 3D gloss effect has been expanded to include other designs, so look out for the little symbol!

Gloss Finish:
Our gloss finish is a laminate coating that is applied to one side or the entirety of your design. Acting as a protective sheet, our gloss finish also enhances the colours in your photos.
This option is available on all of our designs (excluding our emossed gloss and glitter range) with our smooth matte cardstock.

Real Glitter

Real glitter is applied to certain areas on your design. The colour of the background to which it is applied will change the aspect and colour of the glitter, and give your cards a truly scintillating effect.
We currently have a unique and fabulous range of glitter wedding invitations that can be personalised with your choice of colours.

Our Real Glitter and Embossed Gloss range is a luxury collection, created by our in house design team to impress your guests.

Ribbons & Bows

Our range of ribbon wedding invitations is our most luxury range. Each design has been selected with a specific type of cardstock, which best reflects its' style. Our ribbon is a satin grey and our bows are available in gold or white. Our Ribbon & Bow wedding invitations range breathes stunning simplicity.

We're always looking for ways to innovate and improve our product offer and services. We strive to bring out new designs and new options and finsihes to offer a wide range of personalised stationery to suit any and all occasion.

We'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions you might have or just to say hello!