Wedding trend: Glitter

Learn about the sparkling glitter theme for your wedding and get inspired
That’s it ? This day has finally arrived? Your loved one popped the question?!
It is now time to think about the D-day and pick a wedding theme, believe me it is the first step of a successful wedding day!

Today I am going to introduce you to a fairytale theme for your wedding: the glitter trend.

Let’s not lie to ourselves, we all want the most beautiful wedding day and we all hope to impress all of our guests with the beautiful decoration. So why not catch attention with a glittery wedding invitation?

At Planet Cards we offer a wide range of wedding invitations made with real glitter for a guaranteed sparkling effect that will bring a trendy and chic touch to your invitations. Don’t forget that your wedding invitation will announce the theme of your wedding and will set the tone of the celebration so it is important to send exquisite wedding invitations.

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In order to have glitter throughout the wedding day, have you thought about glittery orders of service? It will bring a sparkling touch to the place and to the eyes of your guests.

For the reception, if you are a DIY addict (like I am), you can create your own elements as decorations. This will definately impress your guests.

DIY tip : Spraying glue will allow you to glue glitter on difficult surfaces such as balloons, candles, banners…

Regarding your wedding table decoration, you won’t have to cover it with glitter as glitter will already be on your menus and place cards.

Personalisable photo products such as wine tags, badges or magnets are good presents to offer your guests and will also be beautiful ornaments for your wedding table and will allow you to stick to your wedding theme. Once this is all sorted out, the last very important thing would be : your wedding dress! Because this day is your day, wear a beautiful white dress that glitters and look like a princess!

and most importantly I wanted to say… CONGRATULATIONS

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