Planning your wedding abroad?

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Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about organising your wedding abroad and more specifically what type of stationery to use. Indeed, many of you are getting married in exotic places, very far or near. Still, if you want to mark the change of scenery you can do so starting from your wedding invitations.

And because I know searching and picking the right cards may be difficult, I made my own selection for you.

Starting with wedding invitations:

I chose the wedding passport to paradise design because I really like how fun it is. It will for sure pleasantly surprise your guests. This choice is very good for those of you that will have to travel by plane to get to your wedding destination.

My second choice of wedding invitation is the Written in the sand design. This design is much more versatile as it can symbolise any coasts from Brighton to Miami. Moreover, there is a very romantic look to it.

Beach and destination designs Planet Cards

My third choice is the very fun and playful Love is in the air design. This wedding invitation design can be interpreted literally or in a more symbolic way so it will be versatile as well. The colours can be modified and the simple and fun design makes it perfect for a young couple getting married abroad.

Evening invitations:

Of course, you can find matching evening invitations on our website, but i thought I would show you different designs.

The first one I’d advice is the Tropical bliss design. I especially love the colour scheme on this card. To me it symbolises  summer wedding parties! This evening invitation card is perfect if you have planned to have your wedding reception on an Island such as Ibiza or Cyprus.

If you are celebrating your wedding reception on a boat the Marine Cruise invitation will be a perfect match. Indeed, the stripes and the colour will immediately transport your guests to your fantastic cruise or boat trip.

Finally, our skyline collection (here London Skyline) will be perfect for those of you who are planning to have a wedding reception in a big city such as Amsterdam, Paris or here London.

Selection of design for the theme evening invitation abroad from Planet Cards

Save the date cards:

Preparing a wedding abroad might be stressful for many reasons, one of them being reuniting all your friends and family somewhere far away. What can be very helpful is to send a save the date card they’ll remember. Please find my selection below.

The first design I want to show you I found very original. Indeed, if you are planning to organise your wedding reception party in a wild place the tropical postcard design is ideal for you. Its format is the one of a postcard and will put your guests in the mood to seek adventure.

Save the date card designs selected by Planet cards for your wedding abroad

The second Save the date card I want to talk about is the Map of love one. This card is a good way to remind your guests that you will be going away for your wedding reception.

The last evening invitation I wanted to show you is the World map and photos design. This card has a very summery feel so it will be perfect for July/August weddings.

For more designs, inspiration and all your stationery click here

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