Organising a Hen Do

So, your best friend is getting married, you’ve got the bridesmaid dress, you’ve been there through the bridezilla moments, and the big day is fast approaching, but you’ve got one last, important thing to do… organise their hen night!

Well, organising a hen night is no easy feat! You’ve not only got to get together a dozen or more girls, prying them away from their family and work commitments, for a night or weekend away, but you’ve also got to come up with a great idea to make the hen night as memorable as possible.

willy strawsDon’t panic!

Start by getting together a few close friends, a bottle of wine (or two), a pen and paper, and write down all the things that interest the hen. Does she prefer swanky bars to noisy pubs? Is her idea of a good night out a tasty meal with a nice bottle of wine, or a night out on the town? Come up with plenty of ideas of things you could do that you’re sure your hen will love. Practicality and affordability will be your two best (adjective) friends during this time. As attractive as a week under the sun looks, it’s neither practical, nor necessarily affordable for everyone.

If you’re not wanting to dress the hen up as a walking willy, and go out dressed up in the latest Anne Summer’s outfit, then below are a few ideas that could give your hen night that little something different.

  • Dynamic: Get together for a belly dancing, Bollywood or even a burlesque style dance class! You can dress up to fit the part and make your hen the star of the show.
  • Relaxing: All girls love a good pampering session, so why not relax and unwind at a luxurious health spa? The bride-to-be will definitely be able to shift some of the pre-wedding stress, and you can all indulge in jacuzzis, saunas, massages and beauty treatments.
  • Classy: Hire a limo for the evening, go to a top notch restaurant, followed by a swanky comedy club where you can then then sit back, sip cocktails and enjoy the show! A lot of comedy clubs then turn into night clubs, so after you’ve had a giggle, you can dance the night away.
  • Party girls: If you’re all up for a good, hassle free party weekend, hop onto the ‘Party Bus’, which provide a meal, fab music, and take you to various venues around town. The Party Buses are available in all the big cities in the UK.
  • Tasteful: A chocolate making session always goes down well with the ladies, and for the evening, why not try a truly sensory culinary experience by dining….in the dark!


Of course, all of the above have to include a naked man at some point (covered in chocolate for the last one? Hmm…)

So now it’s your turn to share details of a hen party you organised/went to…or to warn us of what not to do!

Photos: Flickr/Close to Spectacular, Flickr/Bjorn Bednarek

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  1. Great post Rachel – and particularly useful as I am maid of honour for my best friend next year, so will definitely be taking some of these tips on-board 🙂 x

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