3 Seasonal Styles for your Wedding Tables

I believe that I can talk about our wedding stationery forever, but I am certain that pictures are better than words,  and I am going to show you that wedding stationery, once personalised will give a completely different look to your wedding reception table. I hope you’ll enjoy the tips and wedding ideas to follow !

Today, I am going to use the incredible work of Ambience Venue Styling to show you how your wedding tables can add a massive Wow factor to your reception thanks to personalisable wedding stationery. Indeed, Ambience and venue Styling created 3 different wedding table styles with the use of our wedding stationery  such as menus and place cards and each style can be associated with a season.

Let’s begin our journey with the summer look:

Here is an overview of the wedding reception table with the menus and place cards. The choice of the coral colour mixed with matching flower bouquets gives this table a fresh and very elegant look. The menus are placed in front of a pink silky fabric napkin and in the middle of silver cutlery. The use of glass for the vases is very smart as it enables the wedding reception table to remain light and airy (like a summer breeze) and allows your guests to focus on your wedding menu of the reception.

Decorate your reception table with Planet cards stationery©Ambience Venue Styling, Summer wedding reception table, 2015

When you take a closer look, you can see the geometry of the decor, with very pure lines that reminds you of summer. You can also take a closer look at the place card, that matches the menu and the colour of the roses, simply stunning! Adding a small macaroon box for each of your guests will (if they love them as much as I do) make them terribly happy.

They will not only compliment you on the wedding menus  and the place cards look, but, they will also be transported into your wedding universe for the rest of the reception.

Beautiful and fresh look for your wedding reception table with the summer feeling design©Ambience Venue Styling, Summer wedding reception table, 2015

The attention to details is very important when organising a wedding reception table. Here the guest will be pleased with the menu’s round corners and its beautiful matte finish. They will also appreciate how you stick to the summery theme with the matching place cards. You can also think about adding matching table plans (available here) that you can personalise as well so that all your wedding stationery will be matching the theme you picked. Whatever your wedding ideas and inspiration are you will be able to find the right and unique wedding stationery.

Use of summer feeling design to decorate your wedding tables and impress your guests©Ambience Venue Styling, Summer wedding reception table, 2015

Find the menu used above available here: Summer feeling wedding menu and find the place cards used above here: Summer feeling place cards

The second style we are going to have a look at is the autumn wedding reception table.  The type of paper used for this menu is the “textured Tintoretto” and the background colour of the wedding menu is “Wine”.

Let’s begin with an overview of the table, where the use of bordeaux and gold colours really reminds us of autumn. The use of the branches in the middle of the table is very clever as it is not too high for your guests not to be able to talk but still gives this natural poetic and romantic look to the reception table.

Planet Cards stationery decoration wedding table©Ambience Venue Styling, Autumn wedding reception table, 2015

The use of the red flowers adds up to this natural and romantic feel. The use of the gold colour for the menu text also gives a luxurious touch to your wedding table. Your guests will love the elegant look. This will put them in the best mood to celebrate your special day.

Take a closer look at our autum feeling menu©Ambience Venue Styling, Autumn wedding reception table, 2015

Here again, the attention to details makes this wedding reception table a real success. Adding a flower on top of every menu will make all your guests feel special. Moreover, on the picture below you will notice the quality and the amazing texture of the paper used to print the stunning reception menu.

Zoom on the paper type©Ambience Venue Styling, Autumn wedding reception table, 2015

You can find the wedding menu used above here : Autumn feeling wedding menu

Finally, let’s have a look at the beautiful winter table. The transparent glasses and the candles go very well with the marine blue of the wedding menu and the place cards. This contrast between the light and the dark is what winter is all about and will give an amazing look to your wedding reception tables.

Planet cards wedding stationery, winter feeling design©Ambience Venue Styling, Winter wedding reception table, 2015

Here the use of the “luxury pearl” type of paper for the menu was very effective. It gives this sleek look to the menu and it also adds a very subtle and elegant shine to the deep blue.

Take a closer look at the winter feeling menu available on Planet cards website©Ambience Venue Styling, Autumn wedding reception table, 2015

Using a transparent diamond shaped place card holder is a very good idea. It adds to the wintery look but still your guests can breathe and have space. We love the extra touch with the different sized glasses that tells you that it is going to be a fun wedding.

Be inspired by Planet Cards designs and stationery©Ambience Venue Styling, Autumn wedding reception table, 2015

You will find the template of the menu used above here : Winter feeling Menu and you will find here the wedding place cards used abose: Winter feeling place cards

I hope those beautiful wedding table ideas inspired you. Now let your  imagination run free and create the most beautiful wedding stationery with your own colours, photos and message! The possibilities are infinite whatever your wedding theme is you can count on us at Planet Cards!!



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