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My photo prints by Planet Cards

Hi everyone ! I am back from a short weekend in the mountains and I have to say I have seen beautiful landscapes. The white snow covering the trees, it was amazing!  I really wanted to bring back memories from these beautiful mountains so I decided to take a LOT of photos 🙂 And, I don’t know about you, but I find that keeping those beautiful photos and memories on my computer goes against their purpose! So I have decided to print my photos and at the same time do some DIY with them.

Firstly, and this is very obvious, but you need to bring your camera everywhere you go, this is the only way you will be able to capture beauty as it can come from anywhere.  I know that a vast majority of us have a mobile phone that takes pictures so that can work as well!

There are dozens of ways to print your photos, you can create photo books, mugs, frames, photo magnets and I can keep going.

I bring my virtual memories to life

I have recently discovered a great technique to bring my photos together in a very nice way and I wanted to share this with you! This technique is fabulous for those of you that, like me, love perfect alignment and coherent spacing!

My tip is to use fotoclips.

Winter holiday photo printsYou need to start by picking your favourite photos and upload them to your Planet Cards account to order your photo prints. You can pick between 4 different sizes and in my opinion, it is interesting to order different formats it will make your creation look even more professional.

DIY using Planet Cards photo printsOnce you have attached your photos together your geometrical form should be shaped, aligned and well spaced 🙂 You will just need to add some Blu-Tack to make it stick to the wall and that is done !

You have created a beautiful wall art piece that you can modify at any time by changing or adding photos to it. You can also make different shapes depending on where you want to put it up in your house.

It also makes a very simple, yet fun decoration for the kid’s bedroom 🙂

Put your DIY up the wall and decorate your house So do not lose a minute, select the pictures you love and print them on Planet Cards and we will take care of the printing! Now, you just need to get some fotoclips and you are ready to decorate your walls with your own creations !

Be creative and make sure you share your creations on social networks with the #PlanetCardsUK and @PlanetCardsUK 

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