New photo gift: Personalised coloured mugs

Photo mugs from the Planet cards website that you can personalise

Hi everyone, today I am going to introduce you to the newest available product on the planet cards website : the coloured photo mugs! They will bring colour to your breakfast table and help you start your day on a happy note.

Have a look at all our different photo mugs designs available and personalise your own!

Planet cards Photo coloured mug to personaliseColoured photo mug from the Planet cards Websites

You can personalise it all :

  • The mug colour (interior and handle): Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Pink.
  • The text boxes, you can change the content and move the boxes where you like
  • Add photos: I didn’t add one here as I didn’t find it necessary but you can by using our personalisation tool.
  • Add text : I chose to add names to the mugs but you can add whatever you want with our personalisation tool.

In order to start personalising your coloured mug you need to :

    • Pick one of the mugs

Select a coloured mug from the Planet Cards website

        • Personalise the text

Personalise your coloured mug  Use the planet card tool to personalise your coloured mug

      • Modify the background colour (if you want)


Change the background colour of your coloured mug on the Planet Cards website

      • Check your creation and validate!


Check the personalisation of your coloured mug

      • Once the mug has been added to your basket, you can personalise other mugs for each member of the family ! Once you have the right amount of mugs and that they are all personalised you can order.  After 2 to 5 days of production it is sent!


Once you are done personalising your mug put it in your basket


Once you have received the coloured photo mugs try them during breakfast with the whole family! You will also find a wide range of coloured photo mugs on our website or by clicking here!

Use the coloured mugs for your morning coffee

That’s it, you know everything about this amazing personalisable gift !

Now you just need to go to to personalise your own coloured mugs.

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