Super Mario Themed Birthday Party

Growing up, my mum was an avid birthday planner. She’d welcome 20+ over excited kids, having prepared a huge finger food buffet, homemade birthday cake and fun games (musical bumps was by far my favourite). I used to love my birthday parties as a child (especially the finger food buffet…)

I came across this wonderful post by Daniel from behemothgaming, about a Super Mario Themed Birthday Party to celebrate his 4 year old nephew’s birthday, and I just could not, not write about it!

birthday boy with friends

Mario the Birthday Boy

His sister-in-law thought of every detail: from the cupcakes & birthday cake, to the party hats, the costumes to the birthday party invitations. For me, the best bits were the party games – they looked like such fun!

mario cakes

An obstacle course had been put together, made up of three levels the kids had to run through, to rescue the kidnapped Princess (Daniel’s niece) from the evil Browser.

For the first level, they had to climb through tunnels and then stomp on all the “Goombas”.

goombas game

Then, after touching the flag at the end of the ‘level’, they went on to the next level, which consisted of each child having to jump over the pipes without knocking them over. If they knocked one over, they had to start from the beginning again. This level also involved all the adults blowing bubbles and tossing beanbag Cheep-Cheeps at the children, creating an ‘underwater’ feel. Once again, the children had to touch the flag to complete the level and move on to the next.

second level

The third and final level involved crossing ‘balance beams’. To make things a bit more difficult, the ‘Browsers’ were armed with ‘fireballs’ (light plastic balls) and were trying to knock them off the balance beams.

Phew! After making it across the beams, the children came across a block they could smash, rewarding them with their own ‘Fire flowers’ and they could defeat the Browsers and finally rescue the Princess!

Alas, one more challenge awaited them: There was treasure to find! This treasure had been eaten by the “Chain Chomp”, and so the children had to defeat the evil “Chain Chomp” to retrieve the treasure inside!

chain chomp

No small detail was omitted, as you can see from the photos below.

Overall, it seemed like a fun packed day with plenty of activities that everyone could join in on.

super mario party

Just a little message of thanks to Daniel, for letting me share the highlights from his Nephew’s birthday party with you!

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  1. The post looks great. So glad you liked it! My sister-in-law is amazed every time I tell her how popular the party has become!

    • Thanks! We’re all big fans of Super Mario here, so it was an instant hit! Your Sister-in-law should maybe consider working in the party planning field… 😉

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