NEW! Baby Shower Invitations

Brand new designs have been added to the Planet Cards Baby Shower Invitation range.

Circus elephant baby shower invitation (R-4439)

Our fabulous design team have brought together some of the latest trends to create a selection of baby shower invitation cards to suit our modern mums-to-be!

We’re no longer planning nursery inspired themes. Baby showers are now being influenced by everyday objects & events and are even planned around children’s fantasies. We’ve left behind the traditional blue and pink colour schemes. Bold, hot colours and non-traditional pastels are what it’s all about in 2015.

Creating an invitation to match your baby shower theme has never been easier. Take a look at our Baby Shower Themes Pinterest board for planning tips and inspiration. For example, a Tea Party theme, a Rainshower theme, or a Vintage shower theme.

Some of our new designs:

Cup of tea baby shower invitation (RO1-378)Perfect for a British Tea Party themed shower.
Joyful swirls  baby shower invitation (B-878)This invitation will go with any vintage theme party.
Blossom wreath baby shower invitation (WR2-90)Why not go for a a bit of flower power?
Joyful stork baby shower invitation (WR2-154)A traditional icon in a modern style, the perfect card for believers in the stork. Cheerful dots baby shower invitation (GR-2061)

Polkadots galore in classic black & white, for the elegant mum-to-be.
Stylish shower invitation (P-997)

A card with an actual shower cloud? Quite literally perfect.

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