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Each and every year we are looking forward to it : Valentine’s Day! Whether you are in a relationship or single, it is the day to share and express your love. Every 14th of February, we all want to be generous and we all try to make the special people in our lives feel loved and special. Here are a few ideas to make this day memorable : Valentine’s Day cards, present ideas and a DIY session for the braver ones 🙂

On Valentine’s day not only do we enjoy saying « I love you » but we want to write it on beautiful cards with love declarations so that the words can be safely kept. Valentine’s Day is the time for declaring your love for the first time and romantic gestures. To help you do so I have decided to show you  how to do a heart shaped origami that will blow away the mind of your loved one. DIYs is the best way to show how much you care as you put time and effort to give your loved one a handmade gift.

Firstly, we are going to pick the card we are going to give on that special day. To facilitate your choice I made a little selection of Valentine’s day cards here 🙂

Our Valentine's day cards available on Planet Cards

You just have to choose the perfect one and personalise it with your love declaration and maybe a photo of you and your loved one best moment!

Create your own Origami:

Pick a nice square piece of paper. The colour choice is up to you, I’ve picked pink! The size of your heart will depend on the size of your sheet.

        1- Fold in half diagonally your sheet in both directions.
        2- 3- 4- Pick one of the tips of the sheet and start folding your paper in 3
        5- Fold the big tip down
        6- 7- Change side and fold the tips of the sheet towards the centre of the piece of paper following the dot line.
        8- Fold the left and right tips toward the centre
        9- Change side and fold the top tips of the sheet towards the inside
        10- Fold the tips on the inside again.
        11- Once again
        12- Turn it over, and it’s done!!

Source : Here

Lear how to do a heart using an origami technique Further into the conception of the origami heart with Planet Cards

That's it you have built a heart using the origami technique thanks to Planet Cards

Once your heart is done, place it on the card and glue it where you think it will look best. That’s it ! You just personalised a Valentine’s day card with your own hands. You are going to make that special someone very happy!

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone ♥

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