Use photo prints for a DIY decoration

My photo prints by Planet Cards

Hi everyone ! I am back from a short weekend in the mountains and I have to say I have seen beautiful landscapes. The white snow covering the trees, it was amazing! ¬†I really wanted to bring back memories from these beautiful mountains so I decided to take a LOT of photos ūüôā And, I don’t know about you, but I find that keeping those beautiful photos and memories on my computer goes against their purpose! So I have decided to print my photos and at the same time do some DIY with them.

Firstly, and this is very obvious, but you need to bring your camera everywhere you go, this is the only way you will be able to capture beauty as it can come from anywhere.  I know that a vast majority of us have a mobile phone that takes pictures so that can work as well!

There are dozens of ways to print your photos, you can create photo books, mugs, frames, photo magnets and I can keep going.

I bring my virtual memories to life

I have recently discovered a great technique to bring my photos together in a very nice way and I wanted to share this with you! This technique is fabulous for those of you that, like me, love perfect alignment and coherent spacing!

My tip is to use fotoclips.

Winter holiday photo printsYou need to start by picking your favourite photos and upload them to your Planet Cards account to order your photo prints. You can pick between 4 different sizes and in my opinion, it is interesting to order different formats it will make your creation look even more professional.

DIY using Planet Cards photo printsOnce you have attached your photos together your geometrical form should be shaped, aligned and well spaced ūüôā You will just need to add some Blu-Tack to make it stick to the wall and that is done !

You have created a beautiful wall art piece that you can modify at any time by changing or adding photos to it. You can also make different shapes depending on where you want to put it up in your house.

It also makes a very simple, yet fun decoration for the kid’s bedroom ūüôā

Put your DIY up the wall and decorate your house So do not lose a minute, select the pictures you love and print them on Planet Cards and we will take care of the printing! Now, you just need to get some fotoclips and you are ready to decorate your walls with your own creations !

Be creative and make sure you share your creations on social networks with the #PlanetCardsUK and @PlanetCardsUK ! 

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National Wedding Show

Hi everyone, I hope you are all ready for the National Wedding show starting this weekend because we are ūüôā

Planet Cards prepared a surprise for all of you that are going to the event, so look carefully when you receive your goody bags.

Here is a little sneak peek of what you will find :

Special offer at the National wedding Show with Planet cards

And remember that the first step to your wedding will be sending out invitations ! If you need inspiration and ideas for them have a look at our selection below:

Selection of our best selling wedding invitations

You can also find all our wedding cards here and browse through all our wedding invitation themes! My personal favourites are the Vintage design, the Romantic ones and of course the Luxury ones.

But no matter what your dream wedding theme is you will find the right wedding invitation on our website.

You can also get matching wedding stationery such as menus, place cards, thank you cards and magnets but also table plans and orders of service.

Examples of wedding stationery

We hope you all enjoy the National Wedding Show.

And remember watch out for our amazing offer in your goody bags!

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New photo gift: Personalised coloured mugs

Photo mugs from the Planet cards website that you can personalise

Hi everyone, today I am going to introduce you to the newest available product on the planet cards website : the coloured photo mugs! They will bring colour to your breakfast table and help you start your day on a happy note.

Have a look at all our different photo mugs designs available and personalise your own!

Planet cards Photo coloured mug to personaliseColoured photo mug from the Planet cards Websites

You can personalise it all :

  • The mug colour (interior and handle):¬†Red,¬†Blue,¬†Green, Yellow, Black, Pink.
  • The text boxes, you can change the content and move the boxes where you like
  • Add photos: I didn’t add one here as I didn’t find it necessary but you can by using our personalisation tool.
  • Add text : I chose to add names to the mugs but you can add whatever you want with our personalisation tool.

In order to start personalising your coloured mug you need to :

    • Pick one of the mugs

Select a coloured mug from the Planet Cards website

        • Personalise the text

Personalise your coloured mug  Use the planet card tool to personalise your coloured mug

      • Modify the background colour (if you want)


Change the background colour of your coloured mug on the Planet Cards website

      • Check your creation and validate!


Check the personalisation of your coloured mug

      • Once the mug has been added to your basket, you can personalise other mugs for each member of the family ! Once you have the right amount of mugs and that they are all personalised you can order. ¬†After 2 to 5 days of production it is sent!


Once you are done personalising your mug put it in your basket


Once you have received the coloured photo mugs try them during breakfast with the whole family! You will also find a wide range of coloured photo mugs on our website or by clicking here!

Use the coloured mugs for your morning coffee

That’s it, you know everything about this amazing personalisable gift !

Now you just need to go to to personalise your own coloured mugs.

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Wedding trend: Glitter

Learn about the sparkling glitter theme for your wedding and get inspired
That’s it ? This day has finally arrived? Your loved one popped the question?!
It is now time to think about the D-day and pick a wedding theme, believe me it is the first step of a successful wedding day!

Today I am going to introduce you to a fairytale theme for your wedding: the glitter trend.

Let’s not lie to ourselves, we all want the most beautiful wedding day and we all hope to impress all of our guests with the beautiful decoration. So why not catch attention with a glittery wedding invitation?

At Planet Cards we offer a wide range of wedding invitations made with real glitter for a guaranteed sparkling effect that will bring a trendy and chic touch to your invitations. Don’t forget that your wedding invitation will announce the theme of your wedding and will set the tone of the celebration so it is important to send exquisite wedding invitations.

Find out our products with real glitter on

In order to have glitter throughout the wedding day, have you thought about glittery orders of service? It will bring a sparkling touch to the place and to the eyes of your guests.

For the reception, if you are a DIY addict (like I am), you can create your own elements as decorations. This will definately impress your guests.

DIY tip : Spraying glue will allow you to glue glitter on difficult surfaces such as balloons, candles, banners…

Regarding your wedding table decoration, you won’t have to cover it with glitter as glitter will already be on your menus and place cards.

Personalisable photo products such as wine tags, badges or magnets are good presents to offer your guests and will also be beautiful ornaments for your wedding table and will allow you to stick to your wedding theme. Once this is all sorted out, the last very important thing would be : your wedding dress! Because this day is your day, wear a beautiful white dress that glitters and look like a princess!

and most importantly I wanted to say… CONGRATULATIONS

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A very original Valentine’s day card

Planet cards and valentine's day cards

Each and every year we are looking forward to it : Valentine’s Day! Whether you are in a relationship or single, it is the day to share and express your love. Every 14th of February, we all want to be generous and we all try to make the special people in our lives feel loved and special. Here are a few ideas to make this day memorable : Valentine’s Day cards, present ideas and a DIY session for the braver ones ūüôā

On Valentine’s day not only do we enjoy saying¬†¬ę¬†I love you ¬Ľ but we want to write it on beautiful cards with love declarations so that the words can be safely kept. Valentine’s Day is the time for declaring your love for the first time and romantic gestures. To help you do so I have decided to show you ¬†how to do a heart shaped origami that will blow away the mind of your loved one. DIYs is the best way to show how much you care as you put time and effort to give your loved one a handmade gift.

Firstly, we are going to pick the card we are going to give on that special day. To facilitate your choice I made a little selection of¬†Valentine’s day cards¬†here¬†ūüôā

Our Valentine's day cards available on Planet Cards

You just have to choose the perfect one and personalise it with your love declaration and maybe a photo of you and your loved one best moment!

Create your own Origami:

Pick a nice square piece of paper. The colour choice is up to you, I’ve picked pink! The size of your heart will depend on the size of your sheet.

        1- Fold in half diagonally your sheet in both directions.
        2- 3- 4- Pick one of the tips of the sheet and start folding your paper in 3
        5- Fold the big tip down
        6- 7- Change side and fold the tips of the sheet towards the centre of the piece of paper following the dot line.
        8- Fold the left and right tips toward the centre
        9- Change side and fold the top tips of the sheet towards the inside
        10- Fold the tips on the inside again.
        11- Once again
        12- Turn it over, and it’s done!!

Source : Here

Lear how to do a heart using an origami technique Further into the conception of the origami heart with Planet Cards

That's it you have built a heart using the origami technique thanks to Planet Cards

Once your heart is done, place it on the card and glue it where you think it will look best. That’s it ! You just personalised a Valentine’s day card with your own hands. You are going to make that special someone very happy!

‚ô• Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone ‚ô•

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Valentine’s Day is approaching …

You need inspiration for Valentine’s day and you are looking for a very special present? You want to show the person you love¬†how unique he/she is? Then a personalised gift is perfect for you! Our graphic designers created original templates for cards, photobooks and many other personalisable presents so that you can give the most amazing valentine’s day present.

For example the card below is modern and elegant. You can personalise this card with your own message and let your chosen one know your feelings. This card is available here: My Valentine.

An "I love you" card to tell your special someone how you feel.

You can also go for this amazing  heart shaped card. You can use a photo that symbolises best your love for each other and add it to the card. Like that your loved one will know just how much you love him/her. Indeed, personalised gifts means you spent time researching and thinking the present through and you can be sure your loved one will appreciate the gesture. This card is available here: Heart forever.

Planet cards heart shaped card

You can also go the extra mile and offer a photobook with all your best memories in photos. This will definetely make your loved one feel very special on Valentine’s day. You can find personalisable photobooks here, the one below is called Retro pop.¬†Personalise photo books to tell him/her you love him/her.I hope this article gave you the inspiration to give the most amazing Valentine’s day present this year. And don’t forget, personalised cards and photobooks will go very well with a chocolate box ūüôā


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3 Seasonal Styles for your Wedding Tables

I believe that I can talk about our wedding stationery forever, but I am certain that pictures are better than words, ¬†and¬†I am going to show you that wedding stationery, once personalised will give a completely different look to your wedding reception table. I hope you’ll enjoy the tips and wedding ideas to follow !

Today, I am going to use the incredible work of Ambience Venue Styling to show you how your wedding tables can add a massive Wow factor to your reception thanks to personalisable wedding stationery. Indeed, Ambience and venue Styling created 3 different wedding table styles with the use of our wedding stationery  such as menus and place cards and each style can be associated with a season.

Let’s begin our journey with the summer look:

Here is an overview of the wedding reception table with the menus and place cards. The choice of the coral colour mixed with matching flower bouquets gives this table a fresh and very elegant look. The menus are placed in front of a pink silky fabric napkin and in the middle of silver cutlery. The use of glass for the vases is very smart as it enables the wedding reception table to remain light and airy (like a summer breeze) and allows your guests to focus on your wedding menu of the reception.

Decorate your reception table with Planet cards stationery©Ambience Venue Styling, Summer wedding reception table, 2015

When you take a closer look, you can see the geometry of the decor, with very pure lines that reminds you of summer. You can also take a closer look at the place card, that matches the menu and the colour of the roses, simply stunning! Adding a small macaroon box for each of your guests will (if they love them as much as I do) make them terribly happy.

They will not only compliment you on the wedding menus  and the place cards look, but, they will also be transported into your wedding universe for the rest of the reception.

Beautiful and fresh look for your wedding reception table with the summer feeling design©Ambience Venue Styling, Summer wedding reception table, 2015

The attention to details is very important when organising a wedding reception table. Here the guest will be pleased with the menu’s round corners and its beautiful matte finish. They will also appreciate how you stick to the summery theme with the matching place cards. You can also think about adding matching table plans (available here) that you can personalise as well so that all your wedding stationery will be matching the theme you picked. Whatever your wedding ideas and inspiration are you will be able to find the right and unique wedding stationery.

Use of summer feeling design to decorate your wedding tables and impress your guests©Ambience Venue Styling, Summer wedding reception table, 2015

Find the menu used above available here: Summer feeling wedding menu and find the place cards used above here: Summer feeling place cards

The second style we are going to have a look at is the autumn wedding reception table. ¬†The type of paper used for this menu is the “textured Tintoretto” and the background colour of the wedding menu is “Wine”.

Let’s begin with an overview of the table, where the use of bordeaux and gold colours really reminds us of autumn. The use of the branches in the middle of the table is very clever as it is not too high for your guests not to be able to talk but still gives this natural poetic and romantic look to the reception table.

Planet Cards stationery decoration wedding table©Ambience Venue Styling, Autumn wedding reception table, 2015

The use of the red flowers adds up to this natural and romantic feel. The use of the gold colour for the menu text also gives a luxurious touch to your wedding table. Your guests will love the elegant look. This will put them in the best mood to celebrate your special day.

Take a closer look at our autum feeling menu©Ambience Venue Styling, Autumn wedding reception table, 2015

Here again, the attention to details makes this wedding reception table a real success. Adding a flower on top of every menu will make all your guests feel special. Moreover, on the picture below you will notice the quality and the amazing texture of the paper used to print the stunning reception menu.

Zoom on the paper type©Ambience Venue Styling, Autumn wedding reception table, 2015

You can find the wedding menu used above here : Autumn feeling wedding menu

Finally, let’s have a look at the beautiful winter table. The transparent glasses and the candles go very well with the marine blue of the wedding menu and the place cards. This contrast between the light and the dark is what winter is all about and will give an amazing look to your wedding reception tables.

Planet cards wedding stationery, winter feeling design©Ambience Venue Styling, Winter wedding reception table, 2015

Here the use of the “luxury pearl” type of paper for the menu was very effective. It gives this sleek look to the menu and it also adds a very subtle and elegant shine to the deep blue.

Take a closer look at the winter feeling menu available on Planet cards website©Ambience Venue Styling, Autumn wedding reception table, 2015

Using a transparent diamond shaped place card holder is a very good idea. It adds to the wintery look but still your guests can breathe and have space. We love the extra touch with the different sized glasses that tells you that it is going to be a fun wedding.

Be inspired by Planet Cards designs and stationery©Ambience Venue Styling, Autumn wedding reception table, 2015

You will find the template of the menu used above here : Winter feeling Menu and you will find here the wedding place cards used abose: Winter feeling place cards

I hope those beautiful wedding table ideas inspired you. Now let your  imagination run free and create the most beautiful wedding stationery with your own colours, photos and message! The possibilities are infinite whatever your wedding theme is you can count on us at Planet Cards!!



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