Dress Your Little One This Summer

Get set for the summer and starting shopping for your child’s summer clothes, so they’re ready to play out in the sun. You need to think health & safety as well as comfort & style, light colours and pretty patterns for the girls, fun and practical for the boys. Here are you summer essentials…


Sunglasses are a great way to protect your child’s eyes, and generally speaking, they love to wear them, as they love to copy adult behaviours. Light, plastic sunglasses will be your best bet, with a necklace attached to them, to ensure your child doesn’t drop them.



The summer sun is merciless, so make sure your child’s head is covered at all times. It’s often a bit more tricky to make sure your child keeps their hat on, but persevere, as they are essential in sun defence. Aim to buy hats that not only cover the face, but also the neck. Light colours to reflect the sun, and elastic string under the chin to keep the hat from falling (or more like being taken) off.

summer hat


Kids love flip flops as much as the next person. They’re cool, easy to put on and comfortable (though not for long walks!). They’re practical for playing on the grass or the beach, and younger children can find flip flops with elastic straps on the back. For more active outdoor activities, and long walks, a well fitted pair of sandals is essential.


Tshirts and Shorts for Boys; Summer Dress for Girls

Get some cute little shorts for boys with a matching colour t-shirt; khaki pants look great for a day outdoors. For the girls, a pretty summer dress and white cotton cardigan is all you need for the perfect summer outfit! Keep the colours soft and light, as they reflect the sun and keep your baby cooler, whilst darker colours absorb heat. Go for baby blues, limes, yellows, pinks and whites.

summer dress

Now all you need to do is… shop!

Photos T to B: Flickr/Amy Nguyen Photography, Flickr/Julie, Dave & Family, Flickr/{Charlotte.Morrall}, Flickr/anthrovik.

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