Autumn Arts & Crafts Inspiration

autumn leavesAutumn is here! And what better season for arts and crafts than Autumn… You can find inspiration everywhere you look! From the golden trees to the carpets of leaves that adorn the streets.

Make the most of the last rays of sunshine, and go for strolls with your children in parks and forests. Along you way, collect everything you can see that would come in handy for arts and crafts –  conkers, leaves, acorns, pine cones….
Once home, settle down with a mug of hot chocolate or milk, and admire your treasures.

Now you’re all cosy, get crafting! And here are a few ideas for you!

Walnut ships

walnut ships

What you’ll need: halves of walnut shells, leaves, small twigs, glue, paper, plasticine, glitter, colouring pens, paint…

What to do: First cut paper in rectangle or triangle shaped pieces, and thread it onto the twigs to make the mast and sail. You can decorate the masts with colouring pens and glitter! (Another tip: try using big colourful leaves as sails instead!)

Then, stick the twigs in the middle of half a walnut shell to act as the mast. You can use the plasticine to ensure it stays in place.

Third decorate the rest of your walnut boat with glitter or paint and tadaa! You have your mini walnut boats!

Conker animals

Here, you can create any animal you can think of, but I’m going to go with sheep :o)

conker animals

What you’ll need: conkers, acorns, small twigs, cotton wool, glue and paints.

What to do: First you’ll create the body of the animals using the conkers: glue cotton wool onto the surface of the conker to create the body of the sheep.

Then, glue the twigs onto the bottom of the body to act as it’s legs and feet. Try and keep these level and strong, so that your sheep can stand up!

Finally, paint eyes and a nose onto the acorn, which will act as a head and glue the acorn to the conker body.

Get creative, and create a whole zoo of animals! Spiders are a popular one to make – and easy too! You can buy boggly eyes to stick on the heads and use chenille stems for their dangly spider legs! Your spooky spiders will also come in handy for Halloween!

The conker game

conker game

Well this is an absolute classic and an absolute must! The conkers are easy to create and will guarantee instant success with your children.

What you’ll need: conkers, string, drilling material

What to do: Get your child to select the biggest and best conker they can find!

Then, yourself, or another adult, needs to drill the hole through the conker.

Thread your piece of string through the hole and tie a nice big knot at one end.

There you have it; you are now equipped with your conker and ready to start the game! The rules of the game are simple: two can play, and they take turns hitting each other’s conker using their own. One holds it still whilst the other swings theirs so that it hits the other. The winner is the one who manages to break the other’s conker!

Photos: Kamal Wijeratna/flickr,,, Danny boy no-yes/flickr

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