Work& Family Life: Finding The Right Balance

Working mums is no longer a shocking concept or taboo subject. That said, it’s no easy task balancing family life with your professional one.

working mum

Working mums

There are many ways to find the right balance between your job and your role as mother. Such choices are usually determined by the professional life led by the mum before her pregnancy. It depends on their position within the company, their personal investment and the importance of their job to them.
Some put an end to their career, or just place it on hold, in order to take some time out for their family. This is what parental leave is for. It allows the new mum to take some time off, secure in the knowledge that they’ll come back to their job afterwards. As an employee you have the right to 26 weeks of Ordinary Maternity Leave and 26 weeks of Additional Maternity Leave which makes one year Maternity leave in total. Don’t forget that new dads are entitled to Paternity leave too!

Some women choose to resume their career immediately after the end of their maternity leave, full time or part time. Depending on the availability of their partner or family members that could look after the baby, these mums will be able to pick up from where they left off, with maybe a bit more flexibility to their hours.
Some companies make available to their employees company nurseries. Young parents don’t have to make that extra trip and can be reassured that their child is close by. Few companies actually offer this service, but it’s very much called upon.

The boom of “mumpreneurs” has been phenomenal. Many women have chosen another way to stay at home and look after their newborn, whilst maintaining a paid job. They’ve become, before or after their pregnancy, self employed, creating and running their own independent companies from the comforts of their own homes.

Stay at home mums

For stay at home mums, who’ve decided that looking after their child is a full time job itself, the important thing is not to let daily chores build up. In any family, the repartition of chores is vital. If we want to ensure our mums don’t overdo it, it’s good to help out wherever you can. Give your children responsibilities around the house, assign certain tasks to your partner and this way everyone helps out and everyone has time to relax.
Finally, if you find that everything’s getting on top of you, why not give your children to a nursery for one day a week. It will give you time to do the things you can’t do with your children around, give you and your partner precious couple time and also allow your children to interact and play with others!
Working mum or stay at home mum, let us know how you do it!

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