TREND: Nature inspired wedding stationery

Hello everyone, today I wanted to introduce you to our nature inspired wedding stationery designs. Indeed, this trend is growing in the UK, however it can be difficult to choose the right cards. So (especially for you) I have made a selection of wedding invitations, save the date cards and RSVP.

I am going to start with a selection of wedding invitations however, note that matching RSVP and save the dates exist in the designs.

The first design I would like to introduce is brand new on our website and has already seduced some of you. Indeed, the Red poppy design is very fresh and yet simple. Its format allows you to fit a lot of information on the card. For those of you that loves this iconic flower and that are looking for a simple and elegant nature inspired design this card is perfect for you. Also available in this design: Order of service, thank you cards, place cards.Red poppy and Almond tree design

The second design uses another iconic nature inspired image the Almond tree. This card can also fit a lot of information. It represents almond tree branches in blossom and gives a very romantic look to this card. For those of you getting married in the countryside, it can be the perfect choice.

The next selection is about save the date cards. Indeed, save the dates come at a very early stage of a wedding organisation and are therefore very important. The first design I chose is traditional and timeless, it is called Vintage rose garden and its format is square. This card has a peaceful and  romantic feel and will be perfect for a spring/summer outdoor wedding.

Save the date designs nature inspired

The second design I selected is the Royal blue and gold floral. I absolutely love this design! Its halfway between nature inspired designs and a contemporary fashion show. The gold leaves remind us of Roman emperors and the purple and the light blue brings the card into the modern world. It is perfect for those of you who are looking to impress your guests with a very forward and trendy design.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to some amazing RSVP cards. The first design I chose is the Mason jar one. This design is very popular as its wood effect on the background of the card makes it very original and trendy.

A selection of nature inspired RSVP cards from planet cards

The last design I wanted to show you is the Watercolor flowers one. The aquarelle painted flowers will give a nice green touch to your save the dates. This design is simple and very fresh. It can symbolise the season of your wedding or simply your wedding theme.

More nature inspired designs here!

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Planning your wedding abroad?

All the stationery you need, tips and inspiration

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about organising your wedding abroad and more specifically what type of stationery to use. Indeed, many of you are getting married in exotic places, very far or near. Still, if you want to mark the change of scenery you can do so starting from your wedding invitations.

And because I know searching and picking the right cards may be difficult, I made my own selection for you.

Starting with wedding invitations:

I chose the wedding passport to paradise design because I really like how fun it is. It will for sure pleasantly surprise your guests. This choice is very good for those of you that will have to travel by plane to get to your wedding destination.

My second choice of wedding invitation is the Written in the sand design. This design is much more versatile as it can symbolise any coasts from Brighton to Miami. Moreover, there is a very romantic look to it.

Beach and destination designs Planet Cards

My third choice is the very fun and playful Love is in the air design. This wedding invitation design can be interpreted literally or in a more symbolic way so it will be versatile as well. The colours can be modified and the simple and fun design makes it perfect for a young couple getting married abroad.

Evening invitations:

Of course, you can find matching evening invitations on our website, but i thought I would show you different designs.

The first one I’d advice is the Tropical bliss design. I especially love the colour scheme on this card. To me it symbolises  summer wedding parties! This evening invitation card is perfect if you have planned to have your wedding reception on an Island such as Ibiza or Cyprus.

If you are celebrating your wedding reception on a boat the Marine Cruise invitation will be a perfect match. Indeed, the stripes and the colour will immediately transport your guests to your fantastic cruise or boat trip.

Finally, our skyline collection (here London Skyline) will be perfect for those of you who are planning to have a wedding reception in a big city such as Amsterdam, Paris or here London.

Selection of design for the theme evening invitation abroad from Planet Cards

Save the date cards:

Preparing a wedding abroad might be stressful for many reasons, one of them being reuniting all your friends and family somewhere far away. What can be very helpful is to send a save the date card they’ll remember. Please find my selection below.

The first design I want to show you I found very original. Indeed, if you are planning to organise your wedding reception party in a wild place the tropical postcard design is ideal for you. Its format is the one of a postcard and will put your guests in the mood to seek adventure.

Save the date card designs selected by Planet cards for your wedding abroad

The second Save the date card I want to talk about is the Map of love one. This card is a good way to remind your guests that you will be going away for your wedding reception.

The last evening invitation I wanted to show you is the World map and photos design. This card has a very summery feel so it will be perfect for July/August weddings.

For more designs, inspiration and all your stationery click here

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Flash Sale 50% off – St George’s Day

Flash sale on Planet cards on Saint George's day Hi everyone ! I have a very special announcement to make. We decided to organise a Flash Sale on Planet Photo in honour of St George’s day! Indeed, you will be able to get 50% off the entire website with the code : GEORGE50P. You can only use this code on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of April. So make sure you save the date.

I am sure that some of you already have products saved or already in your basket so it’s the moment to finalise your order!

For example, this beautiful A4 landscape photo book which is usually £24.99 could be as cheap as 12.49 (starting price) after using the discount code. All you need to do is personalise the photo book, place it in your basket and then go at the bottom of the page and insert your discount code!

A4 photobook landscape "vintage world map" design

We also have a wide range of mugs such as coloured mugs, panoramic mugs or magic mugs. You want to offer a truly personalised gift? Enjoy 50% on the entire website and let your imagination run free.

Panoramic mug, magic mug and coloured mug

You have always wanted to add your personal touch to your interior? I could advice those beautiful canvas prints. The starting price after the discount will be as little as £5.49. This Flash sale might be a great occasion to redecorate 🙂

Panoramic personalised canvas prints - Planet photo

So save the date, 50% off site wide on Planet Photo the 23/24 of April ONLY!

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Christening invitations inspiration

Planet cards Christening invitationsHello everyone, today I wanted to talk to you about Christening stationery as it is very much the season! Indeed, you might be preparing your son or daughter’s christening and the choice in Christening invitation might be very difficult. You need to find the perfect card that you and your guest will love. Well, I am going to try to help you there.

At Planet Cards we offer a wide range of Christening invitations that you can personalise with your own photos and message. Our personalisation tool is very easy to use, but if you need any help you can always email us at We are happy to help 🙂

As spring is already here, I wanted to suggest the card below. The design is called “Vintage floral frame” and it is available here. The card is very fresh and elegant and the photo at the front of the card pops out very nicely.

Christening card for the spring/summer seasons.

I also love the idea of getting a card with a real ribbon that will be used to close the card. We have many designs that come with a real bow, with this type of card you will impress your guests for sure ! The “Blossom and ribbon” design can be found here.A selection of beautiful christening cards from planet cardsFor those of you who would like a more traditional card I can also suggest the “White dove” design available here. You cannot go wrong with this simple yet beautiful design.

Finally (and this is my favourite), the “Rainbow in the clouds”design is available here. It is a beautiful folded card in which you can add the photo of your child. It is colourful and lively, so now it is your turn to personalise it and make it your own!

Let’s meet on Planet Cards for all our stationery needs!

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Say hello to Planet Photo !!

Introducing our new website Planet Photo !

Hello everyone, I have a fantastic news to announce, after weeks of hard work we finally launched Planet photo!

For all of you who struggle finding the perfect gift ideas, for those of you who wants to offer a truly original and personalised gift Planet Photo is made for you!

From photo books to photo mugs, from phone cases to badges, you will always find the right personalised gifts.

You are getting married and you want to offer truly original gifts to your guests? These wedding personalised mugs are perfect for you. Find all our designs here!

planet-cards-mugsWe also have fantastic badges that can easily be added to a birthday thank you bag to thank your guests with a fun and personalised gift.

birthday and wedding badges

We all love showing our beautiful wedding pictures and that’s only natural when we know how long it takes to prepare this special day! What better way to present these photos than by printing them into a fantastic photobook. And for those of you who wants a truly exceptional book we also have the Prestige photobook model with its 90 pages. Its presentation box makes it the perfect gift, as luxurious  unique.

wedding prestige photo book from Planet Photo Prestige wedding photobook

It is for all these amazing personalised objects that we created Planet Photo and most importantly we want you to be able to enjoy them! 

Join me on our brand new website now and get exclusive offers !

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Our top 5 this month !

At Planet Cards we love creating new products with new designs (photo books, wedding stationery, baby stationery, photo gifts) that will go with the season, trends and our clients needs. That is why I have decided to introduce you my top 5 favorite products this month !

1 – I would like to start with this amazing A4 landscape photo book available here. It is the perfect way to keep all your photos together and to be able to show them to your friends and family. You can add comments, such as the names of the places you went (I personally tend to forget).

Personalised A4 photo book

2 – You gave birth recently and all your friends and family covered you with gifts and wishes? This baby thank you card (available here) is just what you need. Say thank you and add a photo of your newborn baby! Spring themed thank you cards

3- I absolutely love this product, if you are tired of your white empty fridge door or if you have magnetic boards at home you will love that product too ! You can personalise a set of 12 magnets (and you are just 1 click away : here)  and decorate your interior or offer them as a gift. We have a large range of designs, they are easy to personlise and they will look fantastic!pack of personalisable photo magnets

4- Coffee or Tea? Well, I personally love both, but I love enjoying them in my personalised photo mugs. The mug below is available here, and you can personalise it as you please. Add a photo, a message and make one for each member of the family! Panoramic photo mug

5- Finally, I wanted to point out this amazing wedding stationery design called Rings of union (available here). It symbolises spring and all the positive emotions that come with this season, joy, happiness, love and friendship. And, the cherry on top of the cake there is real glitter applied on this card so not only is the design fantastic but it will impress your guests! Personalised wedding thank you cards. Rings of Union design


For more of our amazing personalised products you just need to click here 🙂

Have a wonderful day <3

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Engagement party invitations !

Find your engagement party invitations on the Planet Cards website and announce that you are engaged to your friends and family

That’s it? You’ve said YES ? I assume that you are overly excited to share the news with your friends and family like each and every one of us!! Why not organise a fun and amazing engagement party?
Getting married is a big step in every couples’ life and it demands a lot of energy to organise your perfect day. An engagement party is the perfect training for it. It can be much more relaxed and fun; and can prepare you for your big day!

At Planet Cards we understand that it is an important event, and we’ve decided to dedicate an entire section to engagement party invitations. From now on, you will be able to browse our designs, personalise them, order samples and find the perfect card!

Select your favourite design and personalise it on the Planet Cards website

You can also decide to have a running theme from the engagement party to the wedding. This is possible on our website as we have matching designs for invitations, RSVP, thank you cards, menus, place cards and many other wedding stationery.

We want to make sure that couples are able to find the perfect cards and that they can make them as unique as possible with our personalisation tool.

TREND TIP: This year I’ve heard that glitter will bring your parties to the top,  so why not try our real glittery cards ?

Here is an exemple of one of our cards with real glitter on.

So, are you ready for your engagement party ? 

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